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The KSS Volunteer Program

The KSS Volunteer Program was launched in November, 2018. At this time, the KSS festival was in its 4th edition.

The Festival has grown in the number of people attending since its inception in 2015.

Prior to 2018 when the Volunteer Programme was instituted, planning and all activities at the festival were carried out by a Central planning Committee led by the Chairman, Shadrach Teryila Ukuma.

However, with the growing number of attendees, there came a need to have more hands to offer service at the festival, hence the birthing of the Volunteer Program.

Coordinated by Aveseh Asough, with support from Irene Awunah and Kaor Surma, 40 vibrant young men and women signed the as official Volunteers during the 2019 edition.

These young men and women contributed their energies in ensuring that KSS Gboko 2019 was a huge success. They offered service in different areas including Security, Health, Venue clearing and arrangement, food preparation and service, etc.

Volunteering, even though not a paid employment, offers great benefits to volunteers in community development and networking.

The KSS festival offers a great opportunity for Volunteers to contribute to the community building drive of the Festival. Volunteers get commendation letters which add community service experience to their CVs. Opportunities coming to the festival organisers are also availed the volunteers first as they are considered to have the right of first refusal.

Take Pride!
Join our KSS Volunteer Program today
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