From the 2022 KSS Director

For this year, the Kyegh Sha Shwa Cultural Festival considers how the artistic expressions of our culture impact the 2023 General Elections in Nigeria. This is on the heels on our primary objective which conceives of our huge cultural heritage enterprise as having the potential to sustain communities by igniting innovation, promoting reconciliation, co-existence and economic resilience, transmitting individual and group identity, and fostering the transmission of knowledge. The work of artisans, local food and beverage producers, independent musicians, visual artists, and others are part of a cultural ecosystem that deepens and expands our understanding of the long-term vitality of folk and traditional practices.

Our desire remains to create a cultural experience that highlight our thematic interests in a way that they resonate with the people for a long time after the two days of relishing in a cultural kaleidoscope. It is hoped that deeper reflections on this festive experience will recalibrate our thought patterns for a more inclusive and convivial society. Researchers and policy makers will also glean insights from our cultural offering this year.

There is a more intense sense of urgency which permeates our work as cultural producers. The world has become smaller due to forced displacement, advances in technology, the ubiquity of social media—the list goes on. Simultaneously, communities in Nigeria are at the frontlines of all manner of political shifts and environmental challenges. In this context, the role of traditional knowledge, interventions, and industries in shaping histories, identities, and aesthetics has taken on greater significance. This is the nature and quintessence of the work we do and now ask you to magnanimously support us.

The Kyegh Sha Shwa Cultural Festival is an exercise in cultural democracy, equity, and diplomacy. The persistent power of its founding vision is made manifest by the work of dedicated staff, volunteers, sponsors, and partners. The many artisans, musicians, cooks, dancers, costume vendors, makeup artists, visual artists, and more imbue the Festival with animating energy. The presence of these stakeholders gives the Festival purpose and we must be able to provide every necessary form of support for them.

As always, I invite you to take advantage of our mammoth crowd for your brand visibility, explore our offerings with a spirit of curiosity and wish you interactions that foster delight, understanding, and wonder.

Shedrach Teryila Ukuma

2022 KSS Director